Dental emergencies may not be life-threatening in most cases, but it doesn’t mean they’re less alarming. When your tooth is badly hurting, it’s enough reason to go to your emergency dentist in McCalla, AL. Attending to dental emergencies with a sense of urgency will likely save you from deep trouble.  

What are the Most Common Examples of Dental Emergencies?  


Whether tooth pain comes out of nowhere, is recurring, or is intense, it should send you off to your nearest emergency dentist. It may be a sign of infection, and taking medications like pain killers only provide a band-aid solution without getting into the root of the problem.  

Knocked-Out Teeth  

An impact to the face may cause a tooth to loosen or get knocked out. Before heading to your dentist, there are a few things you will have to do to save the tooth. First, locate the missing tooth. As much as possible, hold the tooth by the crown (not the roots).  

Clean it under cold running water, if needed, for no more than 10 seconds. If you can insert it back into place, slowly bite down and keep it that way until you reach your dentist’s clinic. If it doesn’t go in, place it in a glass of milk.

Emergency dentist McCalla AL

Do You Need an Emergency Dentist in McCalla, AL?  

Treatment for dental emergencies can make or break the quality of your smile. It's hard to be prepared for any curveball life throws at us, so it pays to know who to ask for help when this happens. At Dorsett Dental Care, we value our patients, and we do our best to prevent an unfortunate event from causing you to lose a tooth. Contact us today.